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Buying a Home in Chicago

Step 1: Schedule a Buyer's Consultation

We would set up a consultation to go over your goals and needs for your next home.  I would go over the home buying process and what to expect in today's market.  We will also go over your financials and which type of home loan will best suit your needs.  

Step 2: Home Search

Make a list of the things you'll need to have in the house. Ask yourself how many bedrooms and bathrooms you'll need and get an idea of how much space you desire. How big do you want the kitchen to be? Do you need lots of closets and cabinet space? Do you need a big yard for your kids and/or pets to play in?

Once you've made a list of your must-have's, don't forget to think about the kind of neighborhood you want, types of schools in the area, the length of your commute to and from work, and the convenience of local shopping. Take into account your safety concerns as well as how good the rate of home appreciation is in the area.

Step 3: Make an Offer on the Home

Now that you've found the home you want, we would put the offer together to present to the sellers. I will make sure the offer is strong in today's market and work diligently to get the home of your dreams. The offer will include purchase price, earnest money, closing date, etc. After the seller accepts the offer, you will turn in the earnest money which is money that goes in escrow to give the seller a sign of good faith.

Step 4: Home Inspection

After the seller accepts the offer, you would turn in your earnest money and schedule a home inspection.  During the home inspection, a professional inspector would come inspect the house from head to toe.  This is when you really soak in the house.  We would go over the inspection report together and address any concerns you have with the home.

Step 5: Appraisal 

After the home inspection, the lender will have an appraiser view the house and determine its home value.  Also, during this time you will be in contact with the lender on documents that are needed to finish the loan underwriting.  After your file has been reviewed by underwriters then you would receive a clear to close! 

Step 6: Closing

After the clear to close aka green light from the lender, we would schedule the closing date and time.  We would also schedule a final walk through where we will make sure the property is in good condition before closing.  The closing takes place at a title company where the lawyer will review the legal documents with you.  You'll receive the keys to your home and you're officially a homeowner!